‘Sausage Rolls & Saddle Sores’

I mentioned in my last piece that on the 18th December I was going to be selling my ultimate festive sausage roll at Borough Market, with the total sale going direct to CureLeukaemia. Akin to an episode from the Apprentice, with merchandising and space kindly donated by the market, ingredients supported by my suppliers and the market traders, expectations were high. However, how many would we actually sell was the million dollar question?

IMG_4134The guys at work helped me prep 366 of them, no science involved it just sounded like a good number!

On the day Martin and James, two talented graduates joined me from our academy who relished the chance to get involved and start selling.


Pitched opposite Brindisa’s lunch time offer of a chorizo baguette and Ginger Pigs very own festive sausage roll offering, we went to work furiously. ‘Hawking’ is not permitted in the market, but I am sure we must have slipped the odd mention in here and there!


“If you build it they will come” and they sure did, 10.45am – 2.15pm and we were sold out, £1340.00 net sale direct to the charity. A customer brought one and 15 minutes later came back to purchase four for her freezer!

In cycle related news, all the Tour one day ahead riders have been loaned a Watt Bike for the duration of our training, mine arrived just in time for the Festive period. A fantastic piece of kit- created with British Cycling to provide an affordable indoor bike for training and testing that is suitable for everyone from school children to Olympic Gold Medallists.

Within seconds you can accurately measure power output, your pedalling technique and heart rate. Nicknamed by me as the ‘Rack’, there is now no hiding, as it monitors in real time not just how hard you are trying but more importantly how efficiently, the percentage of your right and left leg balance and where you are losing power on the pedal stroke.


The ‘Rack’ and I have been getting closely acquainted, even sneaking in a pre-sprout hour on Christmas day, it has though, pretty much confirmed what I knew over the years I have really let myself go!


We have had a really great couple of weeks of charity donations, and there have also been some huge pledges for early 2015 from some big companies. Their banners and links will sit proudly alongside Bunzl and Adande once the charity has received them.

Wishing you all a great new year and with only 184 training days to go from 1st January to the start line in Ultrecht, its time to get serious, well even more than I am normally!

If you would like to support the cause please click on my link. 100% of the donation goes direct to the CureLeukaemia charity-


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