D-63 & Counting

My thoughts turn back in November 2014 following the phone call with Geoff, fitness was never my primary concern, I have ridden a bike for years and although my mileage had dropped with age considerably, I had over 6 months to get ready. The big focus was how on earth am I going to raise the substantial charity funds to get me in the mix. From mid November when my giving page went live until St Georges day, 23rd April, the support that I have had from industry suppliers, colleagues and friends has been, well; humbling, amazing and quite frankly astonishing!

I guess when you explain to people you are hoping to ride the Tour de France, ‘Ahh the Etape, I’ve always wanting to do that!’ they respond. No, the whole dam 3400km including the windy, cobbled and hilly bits the day before the pros, a look of wide eyed astonishment is generally their second response. For sure this is no growing facial hair for a month, run around a park or whatever the latest charity fad is.


So the arrogance of my opening statement relating to my fitness, is where we return to, I knew it was never going to be easy and working as a chef in the city would mean that I was time crunched further, coupled with the fact that 90% of my training would need to be done alone and following work. This meant 30 x 120m red light intervals, dodging London’s finest buses, black cabs and the ubiquitous white van man; before getting out to the Herts and Essex lanes to shoe horn in a couple of hours. The new knowledge that I was riding (had ridden) with an ACL deficient right knee for years, was a worry, but at least the left one aches as well now to balance that one out.

There was more to follow, last month a bout of ‘Man flu’ compromised training which ensured I popped in to the clinic to get some amoxicillin to clear it up. During the routine assessment an incidental find of a suspected heart murmur was highlighted, the GP wanted this checked out immediately especially in light of the demands I was putting my body through, the cardiologist has confirmed much to my relief that all was well and I had a healthy fully functioning heart, which was a huge surprise to the team at work who always felt that I was the only guy without one!


So less than 9 weeks to go, legs have been mowed for the first time in a decade and training has a renewed focus including a mid May five day block booked with fellow teammate Doug in Spain. When work allows I am trying to get more than 6 hours sleep, which means going to bed almost at the same time as my nine year old!

A huge note of thanks to you all from the charity, I had an email from Professor Cradock saying that the £50k is the equivalent of ½ million pounds worth of essential drugs to the patients, so chapeau, now its over to me to get it done!

This is me signing off, I’ve got a threshold power test to do on the Wattbike aka ‘the rack’ to test my training progress, wish me luck. x

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