So near, yet so far……

It’s Sunday 27th June and I have just back from a quick hour spin on the new team bike. Although I managed to ride it for 500km last weekend to Paris, It still feels a little different, faster and lighter for sure, but just different. I also took the opportunity to proudly wear the new team kit. My hamstring has been tight over the last week and the tendon that had benefited from a shot of cortisone early in the year was sore. I have a Physio appointment booked in tomorrow night, Charlotte has helped me immensely since my incidental ACL find, so no pressure then!


Tracie was making roast Lamb for dinner and there is only one thing for it, I open some wine. Even the pros enjoy an odd glass, right ? If all goes to plan and I stay fit and healthy this will be our last family dinner until the end of July, it weighs heavy on my mind, a bouillabaisse of thoughts. I feel mentally tired. I will miss my family. With the benefits of FaceTime I can catch up regularly and see emotions and faces, but even when at home working long days it’s still not the same as kissing them each morning and evening while they sleep peacefully.



Thoughts turn to my initial conversations with Geoff in November last year, have I done enough training since, am I ready, will I ever be ready ? It’s now or never! Just four days to go until we head out to Holland and to the Grand Depart then 3400km stand in our way. We all pedal as individuals, but it is as a team we will be a success, with each supporting to ensure we all finish under the Arc on the Champs Elysées 3 weeks later.


As our divisive 2 day team mate stated so well, ‘It’s not about the bike’. Nothing galvanises this more than on Friday afternoon where before the press conference I joined the team in meeting some patients, Proffesor Cradock and the nurses to understand where our fundraising efforts will go and help in the search in finding a cure for blood cancers.


With huge thanks to the catalyst, my Chairman Alastair Storey, who without his initial support and influence I would have never have been in this situation, to my premium supporters, who between them have donated an astonishing 25k and to so many of you for your donations and messages of support. To my training sponsors listed below who have kept me going, hydrated and nourished. To an exceptional man and good mate, team buddy Doug who has assisted in supporting me so I could train in Spain with him and join the crew in Aspen.

Finally to my girls Tracie, Keira and Elsie, thank you for allowing me to live my dream and as I’ve always said, ‘If your dreams and challenges don’t scare you a little, then they’re not BIG enough!”

I hope to make you all proud by now doing something truly exceptional…. x

If you would like to support the cause please click on my link. 100% of the donation goes direct to the CureLeukaemia charity

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