Four countries in one day



D-1 was spent traveling 10 hours from our rendezvous in Euston to Amsterdam. Those friendly French truckers (silent F) had scuppered our pre planned team coach journey with their blockade, so we divided into the 4 team vans and somehow got through the tunnel without too much fuss. Once through, in our van at least, we had a competition to spot how many immigrants were trying to stow a ride on the mile after mile of lorries in Calais, 5 was the top score. Two 2 looked like they could have been up to some dogging in the long grass, either that or they were avoiding the sniper glasses of the omnipresent French gendarmerie. Being a clean living young man naturally I looked away so guess we will never know!

We were joined by Alain and the French crew then made our way in convoy through Belgium to our evening base in Amsterdam, famous for its liberal and relaxed attitude to a great many things. If our trip had been under another guise then the planned dinner and bed may have been replaced by an evening stroll around the colourful capital and a late one, next time for sure!

Tomorrow we start, but today we still have 3400km to go….

~ by theboxterboy on July 2, 2015.

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