#letour Day 1

‘Guys, you can have a lay in tomorrow’ was what I heard at the dinner table last night. The body clock however was on default setting at 5am, which thankfully was 6am if you take the hour ahead on continental time.  

Breakfast, a massage and a visit from the kit fairy- aka Morts and we were already into lunch time.


 The trip from the outskirts of where we were staying in Amsterdam to the prologue in Utrecht was 30mins. This was a stage, although only 13.9km in length, that we were keen to get under our wheels.

The course was busy and not yet closed so there was a bit of pedestrian weaving to be done as it wound itself through the city. There was excitement and energy in the air not just from us but we were clapped round by tour revellers keen to scout out a space for the main event tomorrow where the pros would skim every bend trying to gain whatever advantage they could over their GC rivals.


A massage and a visit to Dean the team osteopath who discovered a common thread of a slight leg length variance. He cracked my back, neck and bits that I never knew could crack! I certainly feel better for it, so cheers Deano.

I’m showered and ready to fuel up for tomorrow’s 166km Utrecht – Zelande, let’s hope it’s not too windy off the North Sea.

~ by theboxterboy on July 3, 2015.

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