Cobbles on Day 4 #letour


With a few of us having ridden the Flandrian cobbled climbs but not the Roubaix roads, this was the stage in the first week we all feared. Seraing to Cambrai, not just the longest at 221km but sprinkled with 7 sectors of cobbles or ‘pave’ as it is known One sector was halfway in the stage, the remaining 6 were shoe horned between 177km and 210km.

A slightly cooler start to the day but unbroken sun for most of the day. The mercury peaked once again at 30c. A beautiful 2km cat 4 climb to the citadelle of Namur at 50kms was the first obstacle then a rolling parcour with the majority of the day spent into a stiff breeze until the pave.

 The cobbles were everything I expected and more.  I chose to ride the crest bang in the middle and ride the biggest gear I could full gas It was like trying to hold onto a jack hammer with some sectors being up to 3km, many slightly uphill. Doug suffered two punctures, Trevor a broken spoke, but luckily we had no crashes.


I am typing this enroute to the hotel and can’t wait for a massage, shower and something to eat. We have 189km awaiting us in the morning.

~ by theboxterboy on July 6, 2015.

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