Day 5 on #letour

191km from Arras to the impressive cathedral at Amiens is a long way! Especially when you factor in yesterday’s 221km adventure and the bone shaking 7 sectors of pave. 

My legs were like two bits of wood at the start and the lego legs feeling didn’t really disappear even when we got rolling. The parcour was traditional for this area, relentless ups and downs but no categorised climbs, yet still it was 1700m elevation gain. It was difficult for the group to keep to a rhythm.

The route passes through the Somme. It felt extremely sobering passing so many huge war cemeteries where way too many lost their lives.


The breeze turned into a full on head wind then as the route changed into a crosswind from the left and then a brief rain shower.


There was unfortunately another crash. A touch of wheels and James hit the deck, the classic elbow and hip combo. Doctor Dale was honing his needle craft skills again with a couple of stiches in the thigh in situ. James is not just a true gent and top fella, he naturally was back on the bike and swapping turns.

Just had a massage from Damian and a shower, now heading for something to eat and hopefully catch today’s pro highlights when they give a masterclass on how the cobbles should be rode.

It’s Another long one of almost 200km tomorrow up to the coast so mentally preparing for another windy day… Bring it on …

~ by theboxterboy on July 7, 2015.

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