The wall of Brittany #letour

Stage 8- 179km from Rennes to Mur de Bretagne, a bright blue sky with not a cloud in sight.

As we rolled away from the start we enjoyed a light breeze pushing us along. The Brittany roads were stunning and the villages were decorated with old bikes sprayed brightly, it seemed as though each village proudly tried to out do the last.

The black and white Breton flags which garnished the route started to billow fuller as the wind got up, now as we turned from the side.

An excellent lunch stop at 105km in the medieval town of Moncontour. The sun still shone bright but with a touch more venom as the temperature hit 35c.

With one major obstacle in our way the 2km 3rd cat climb to the finish. A steep 10% straight ramp that evened out to 5.5% to the finish, a test never the less especially after the rolling roads and 179 km in our legs. Mel, Simon and I always like to push on the climbs especially if it features at the end of the stage so naturally a mad dash (steady grovel) to the finish was observed. Mel is a delight to ride with, very popular in the group and super strong, confirmed by the handful of queen of the mountain awards she gets on Strava everyday!

Each day takes its toll so huge thanks to all the support team, mechanics, lead cars and motos, Dan and Morts, but especially the physios. Big thanks to Deano tonight for putting me back together!

He is a top guy and also an osteopath and sorted my back and neck as well as gave me a quality massage. This is how I imagined it looked 😃-

Tomorrow is the team trial stage, a big GC moment for the Pros but for us we will take it at a brisk yet comfortable tempo to get the 28km effort out of the way. Following is a a 10 hour coach trip all the way down the west coast to the foot of the Pyrenees for our first rest day.

~ by theboxterboy on July 10, 2015.

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