Stage 9 #letour 

Vannes to Plumelec. The team time trial is always a stressful stage for the GC contenders although a mere 28km this years route with its undulations will make for a challenging day out and every second counts.

Placed at stage 9 the riders. like us, will be tired after a demanding opening week. Some of the teams will also be depleted with the time being taken on the 5th rider and the long uphill drag to the finish, team cohesion will be very important.

For the “one day aheader’s” we got up and tackled the route at a far more gentle pace than what the teams will be expected to do tomorrow. Then made our way down by coach on a 11 hour journey to Lourdes, the Catholic centre of France, for a well needed rest day tomorrow.

Legend has it in 1858 a young Roman Catholic girl had visions of Mary pointing to a spring of water which could heal. A spring later appeared in a cave and thousands come each year for the healing gifts of the water.

As an avid tour fan for many years, especially as a youngster, I used to dislike the rest day as there was no racing to watch on the TV, but can tell you for sure how much we are all looking forward to it now. The legs are sore, now that’s a given, but so is the butt. 1351km or 834miles sitting in the saddle is almost double my best ever lifetime weeks distance. We are only a third of the way through and yet to hit the mountains which begin on Monday. Think I should try the restorative and healing powers of the waters, it could be a marginal gain..!

~ by theboxterboy on July 11, 2015.

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  1. As a good friend of Ciarán’s, I really appreciate what you all are doing – and very much appreciate you taking the time to write this. May the wind be at your back for the rest of this incredible journey. 🙂

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