‘Hotter than Doughnut Grease’

The big top Circus had rolled into town and yep that man Lance Armstrong was still the ringmaster…. 

We knew that these rolling grippy roads would be testing when we looked at the parcour over breakfast, that was a given. However, when you factor in the last few days in the mountains, 5hrs sleep maximum and the heat, yes the heat!

I have always loved the sun and almost feel it recharges my solar battery but 40c that is too hot even for me. So hot in fact that the tar melted on one of the climbs coming out of the beautiful Tarn Valley. 

It was like trying to roll toffee apples up the climb as the sound of sticking rubber against the road slowing our progress. 

To use Lances phrase ‘Hotter than doughnut grease’. So hot in fact that sadly some riders from other challenges had to get off their bikes today and abandon.


Hydration was key and I ensured I was well topped up with my h2pro tablets, they were a godsend, I went through ten litres !

We also had the Lance Armstrong factor which also added to the heat as the interest from the media especially; went to full burn. Lance as has been well publicised joined us today and will ride with us again tomorrow, he is here to support Geoff in his and our goal of raising over £1m for CureLeukaemia. As we stepped off the bus the cameras and reporters were everywhere, the circus had come to town.Riders and fans cheered as we passed them on the roads and asked for selfies with Lance which he (we) duly obliged, I was feeling good on the bike and the grippy nature of the roads suited my riding and I spent long stretches on the frount, keen as always to make progress.  


Tomorrow is another challenging day with similar roads like today but with a steep ramp to the finish. 

I am Gonna treat myself to a cold beer tonight, think we all deserve one. reload and here we go again.

Images with Kind permission of Sam Bagnall and Liz Kreutz 

~ by theboxterboy on July 16, 2015.

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  1. […] The big difference was that the day’s ride two years ago was darn hot. And the car park at the finish was full of press and spectators as we were joined by Big Tex, Lance Armstrong.  Blog 🔗 Hotter than doughnut grease […]

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