Room 007- a licence to sleep! 

Stage 16- 201km Bourg de Peage to Gap.

Starting at 157m above sea level we pretty much climbed in elevation all day through some stunning picturesque cliff strewn roads in the Vercors National Park.

I wasn’t feeling as strong as usual and the day was sponsored by Gaviscon as indigestion hampered my breathing. The first of the two second category climbs I took it steady watching my normal climbing partner ‘Mel Le Machine’ drift away up the road over the first 9km ascent. 

It feels odd to let her go we had climbed the majority of the big climbs together sharing the tempo and dishing out sore legs. 

As a top female road racer Mel has been winning numerous QOM trophies on Strava each stage we ride.

The last climb was a different affair and with only 12km to go from the summit Simon joined in the mix as the three of us uped the gas. I blew 2/3rds of the way up, I guess it was my time!  ‘On a three week tour – One day you’re the hammer, next day you’re the nail’. I was hopeful I would regain contact on the fast, narrow and very technical descent into Gap in the same tar melting hot conditions that ended Joseba Beloki’s 2003 tour.

Check out this video on YouTube:   

He was never the same rider since, so naturally I was tentative, then thought sod it and gave the descent full beans with Frederic our well skilled Moto man leading me down, to my surprise I won the Strava segment, its mine at least until the pros ride the same decent tomorrow..!

We have four tough days in the Alps, but more importantly tomorrow is a rest day. I am staying in room 007, hopefully that means a licence to sleep, I certainly need it.

~ by theboxterboy on July 19, 2015.

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