2nd Rest Day Scrapbook

The 2nd rest day just could not come quick enough for us all. I have ridden my bike for 16 days in a row, a record for me! My butt is beyond sore so feel a complete rest may be for the best plan for today.

It has been one tough week with the high temperatures, mountains of the Pyrenees, grippy, rolling, melted sticky tar roads of the Tarn and not to mention the Lance factor. The excitement and extra energy that this brought to the ride and more importantly the charity cause.

So some thoughts and numbers from the week

51 hrs is a long time to spend on the bike, it’s 3 hrs more than the European working time directive!
1331km and 19,335m of climbing, the mountains certainly lived up to my expectations, they are beautiful but tough!

1 puncture, 2 insect stings, one on the inside of my thigh. A visit to doctors Dale’s mobile surgery for some spray on the move to ease the swelling. The other was on a more intimate part of the body lets just say, so had to grin and bare it!

Although it is a rest day we have a 70 minute transfer to our next hotel, this living out of a suitcase day to day is a challenge in itself. As we were leaving, one of team Sky’s advance group cars turned up.


We have four big days in the Alps then our final stage into Paris.

Here are some of my favourite images from top photographers, David West, Joolze Dymond and Liz Kreutz, enjoy….





~ by theboxterboy on July 20, 2015.

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