‘Cut short….!’

138km Saint Jean de Maurienne- La Toussuire

The excitement of riding one day ahead of the pros was seamless from a route perspective, that was up until now.

Anyone who has ever watched the Tour by the side of the road will appreciate that the road is closed several hours prior to the race going past.

On our route today we had to climb the Glandon while the pros had it on their menu to descend, (like us yesterday) so naturally there was going to be a challenge. The solution was to start our ride on the Glandon so we would be well clear of the climb.

The cloud line was low, the air was fresh and the sound of rushing water luckily came from an alpine river and not the pelting rain like it had the day before.

The Glandon is a real brute from this side and the top 3km ramps don’t drop below an average of 11%. A 200m descent and we continued to climb for 2.5km to crest over the col de la Croix de Fer (cross of iron).

It was chaos as cycling fans, cars, motorbikes, cyclists and the ubiquitous camper van tried in vain to secure a spot to watch the race go past later in the day.

Descending the climb came with a good deal of caution as the road was very busy. On to the Mollard, a 6km bump in comparison to the last climb but they all count and tire the legs. 

A technical 15km drop at speed with various road surfaces, some smooth and fast, other parts rougher than the proverbial bears …. yep you get the idea.

Just the final 18km climb up to the Ski resort of La Toussuire, (the climb in 2012 where Froome distanced himself from yellow jersey Wiggins, only to be called back). It was hot again but a much welcome novelty to be climbing and descending in the dry and not a thunderstorm. Back down at the foot of the climb as we stepped in the tour bus, camera helicopters could be heard overhead as they followed the pros to the finish just some 3km away!

There is one more day in the mountains with 2 big hor cat climbs and the finish up the legendary Alp D’huez. A long transfer then a short stage to Paris, we are almost there.

~ by theboxterboy on July 23, 2015.

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