Stage 21 – ‘Le Arrive’


After yesterday’s Alp d’huez, it was the team bus transfer that took more of its toll than the arduous 13.8km climb and 21 bends. The bus blew it’s head gasket and we eventually rolled into Versailles at midnight in the soigineurs van.

Somewhat relieved that breakfast was at 9am and not the default 6am setting of the three previous weeks.

I picked up some early morning excited texts from Tracie, joined by my parents and the girls who are enroute from St Pancras to see us finish on the Champs d’elysee this afternoon. 

After breakfast I took a brief stroll past the palace. I have been in before and wandered around the gardens but the queue was immense, glad to not be here as a tourist.


I can’t believe today is the last stage. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and terrain. From the wind swept stages of the North, the torrential rain of Le Havre; beautiful rolling hills of Brittany; the furness heat of the south and the arduous mountains of the Pyrenees and Alps.


The fundraising has been amazing. I have been humbled by the support financially raising 52k personally and as a team over 650k.

The messages each morning via social media kept me focused and were greatly appreciated, so,for the last time I play TDF dress up- 


I couldn’t wait to see and hug my family. It has been a complete paradox, gone so fast yet so slow at the same time, an emotional embrace and a gift – 


8 months of training for me, family sacrifices and counting down the weeks until the 4th July, 

We are here now ‘I was all I could be!’  x


~ by theboxterboy on July 25, 2015.

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