Knee deep..! 

It’s been a busy time of late, so much so that taking an hour to update my blog has even seemed tricky to shoe horn in. 

I do feel the need to bring it up to speed. A quick double espresso and a Science in Sport Protein Gel, you may have seen at the end of last year I was very humbled to be asked to be an ambassador for SIS – in my opinion the best sports nutrition company in the business.

I’ll try and keep my fingers punching the right letters on the keyboard before it’s time to take Keira to her next football Match. Thats where we should probably kick off. It’s our eldest daughter’s new found love for the game that has contributed to more than a few weeks of anguish. I suddenly found myself enjoying a game that I had pretty much turned my back on for 30 years.

Being around the matches and helping with training I found myself playing some Sunday games with the local dads. I never had much footballing skills and that hasn’t changed, but as always I could run with the best of them and found my fitness levels would see me make up for the lack of skill. Always looking for that quick simple pass and even a couple of goals, it was all good. Being  January I would top up my bike training and use it as cross training, looking forward to a Sunday kick about.

That was until another run down the right wing Kyle Walker style, it wasn’t even a heavy tackle but suddenly I found myself on the astro turf with my knee having given way; I hobbled off.

‘Come on chef, run it off!’ were the shouts. I subbed myself and watched Keira on the next pitch having a kick about with the other dads’ kids. After 15 mins I went over and stood in goal only to move just 3 strides to the side and the knee went again to much amusement from the kids as down I went like a rag doll!

Home 15 mins later and a coffee, very foolishly I made the decision to go out gently on the bike to see if the leg would still move. It did and in 40km found myself in a better place, that was until the swelling appeared.  The following day I filled one of our bins at work with ice and stood in it for 10 mins every hour.

4 days later and an MRi confirmed the worst, the ACL deficient right knee that I had lived with in oblivious ignorance for 8 years, since it wasn’t diagnosed until 2015, the Chronic Tear was back to haunt me. The cartilage damage had increased to an almost operation certainty with  a partial meniscus tear threatening to derail not just the challenge ahead but the whole year. I found myself one week later with Jonathan Webb, not just a leading knee surgeon, but a world class rugby Player having played for England in the final of the World Cup.

I was in good hands, Jonathan being a sportsman knew what an op would mean and conservative measures which included permanently giving up football was the diagnosis. I feel sure I’ve dodged a bullet be that temporarily, but when the time comes it will be this man I put my trust in.

Two weeks later, being far from conservative, however I managed two 6.5 hour rides in Majorca during a 5 day mini camp which Doug had kindly arranged for us (unfortunately for all, especially Doug himself, a last minute meeting prevented him from joining us).

One ride involved climbing 3500m elevation in the hills. Although physically demanding, it gave me some hope mentally.

As I type, the knee is far from perfect however I  can’t just rest it elevated for 4 weeks. Twisting and turning or standing at work promotes the swelling and the riding & regular physio brings it back in track, and ice and elevation and then repeat. 

I have the early signs of Osteoarthritis, so just need to push on and make the best of it. All this aside, the discomfort and anxiety I feel is nothing compared with those that we are riding for. There are just 53 days to go until the first Grand Tour starting Sardina and lots to do.

I said I’d be brief, but feel as always I’ve rambled on! There is lots more to tell including some exciting career developments and a charity book, but will need to leave that for next time. x




~ by theboxterboy on March 11, 2017.

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