And so it begins…

Yesterday was Bank holiday Monday and the day was mostly spent packing with the mantra of ‘plan for the worst, yet hope for the best’ firmly in mind.

The bike was shoe horned into the bike box that my buddy Peter lent me, it’s old school I was warned and a tad weighty, but it will do the job!

Being a resourceful young man I filled the voids with Bidons, spare shoes and 3 days worth of SIS nutrition for Geoff & myself.

Without a single thought for my back or the luggage handlers I managed to get it to an impressive 38.9kg

Heavy you could say and this was the first of a few hurdles that we (I) would experience.

As I crept out the house with kisses to the girls who were dreaming peacefully at 4.30am, it was too early to wake them but I desperately wanted to give them one last hug. But alas.

My father dropped me off at Gatwick and after as a team we had stowed kit in two of the three team vans; these set off on their long drives down to Scilly. We would rendezvous on stage 4.

Our destination was Sardinia for the opening 3 stages, a lumpy intro into the centenary Giro.

Back to the airport and a shriek of ‘That thing is just too heavy’ said the oversize luggage controller when the sheer might of the bike box of Gondor was deposited on the carousel!

I was instructed to remove 6kg, so most of the careful packing was put in my carry on kit bag- 6 x 400g clear bags of suspicious white powders inc Go hydro, Rego & overnight protein, alongside 40 + gels of various flavours and forms.

The one or two clear bags that you are allowed to use at security were hurriedly filled – ok there were 6 bags in total, which caused a bees to honeypot stir of attention at security, more so than the definition of the aforementioned pale shaded powders, yes you can imagine..!

With Geoff and James on hand to politely explain & backup the challenge and rationale for such a bounty of energy giving supplies, we got through….. just.

Highlights of the day so far inc-

An hours delay on the tarmac.

One of the bumpiest 160 mile journeys on a main A road from the Airport to Alghero in two hire vans, so slightly concerned what the B roads are gonna be like for the route.

And Marcus shoe horning himself in a fiat…

It’s 7.30pm local time and seems like it’s been a long day, Shower and looking forward to going out for dinner.

This is the first in a planned series of blogs, so I’ll check in with y’all tomorrow all being well…..

~ by theboxterboy on May 2, 2017.

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