3 stages in Sardinia…..Done!


This was billed as a flat stage and after the last two days where we rode over 6000m in elevation it was quite welcome. It was also short in comparison by Giro standards just under 150km

The first 100km were pretty uneventful and dragged on a single & two lane carriageways (the pros in their big peloton won’t even feel them), several tunnels cut their way though the hillside

However as we’ve come to learn, Sardinia is by no way flat and as we turned to hug the coast all of a sudden a succession of steep hills, beautiful views and twisting descents contradicted the profile somewhat and in 40km we climbed 800m in elevation. The last 15km were flat and the wind off the sea played its part ripping into us. 

We’ve just landed in Rome and awaiting a connecting flight to Sicily as I type. Looking forward to joining the rest of the crew, they’ve had a long 1800mile drive down from the UK. Bob, Jim & Paul were with us in 2015, plus Sarah, Doctor Dale and Morts who were with us in Sardinia and the new face for 2017 photographer ‘Digi Dave’

Rest day tomorrow, which means washing and an hour on the bike (to prevent the legs from seizing up up). We have two stages on the island one of which climbs the Volcano Mount Etna!

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Thanks from all at Cureleukeamia

~ by theboxterboy on May 6, 2017.

2 Responses to “3 stages in Sardinia…..Done!”

  1. Great pictures keep up the good work you are all fab x x x

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