Rest day scrapbook

Sardinia is a beautiful island and if you want to go around on a bike for a few hours I can highly recommend. Maybe stop in a pretty hill top village for a glass of wine and something nice for lunch, visit a sandy beach with a picnic, or peruse an ancient walled town.

For us, the experience was a rude awakening to how tough some of these stages are at the Giro, perhaps a bitter sweet aperitivo for what lies ahead for the remainder of this centenary tour. If bumpy stages are 3600m of climbing then perhaps the well publicised Queen stage of 5600m in the Dolomites will turn out to be to the moon and back!

Today was a rest day; my head hit the pillow at well gone midnight after a flight from Sardinia to Rome then a connection to Palermo in Sicily.

Day spent putting bikes back together, laundry and catching up on FaceTime with loved ones.

A great lunch in a local restaurant courtesy of the ever generous Doug. Caponata, Gnocchi verde with pistachios from Bronte (on tomorrow’s route) and a glass of local red.

It is there where I have to stop as thoughts turn to our first summit finish, the volcanic slopes of mount Etna,  one of the most active volcanoes in the world, in an almost constant state of activity.

One things for sure there will be an eruption of sorts on its slopes tomorrow afternoon!

Some of my favourite images from the past few days and scroll down further to see the last few days blogs.

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~ by theboxterboy on May 7, 2017.

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