The big Tow; on the big toe!

 Stage 6 ; 217km Reggio Calabria to Terme Luigiane 

Our first ride on the mainland was a long mixed stage, with just 40km covered somehow we had managed to climb almost 1000m in Elevation with just one 3rd cat climb on the parcour. The grippy nature of this centenary Giro continues it would seem.

Some stunning early scenery was too much for Bob (our mechanic) so he jumped on his bike and joined us for 75km, it was great to chat to him, he shares a mutual appreciation of great food, and is a good rider and bike handler who enjoys a descent or two .

Up until 90km the road was undulating at best. To follow we enjoyed a 15km descent albeit into a headwind to lunch. Which consisted of a supermarket sweep by Morts and our physio Sarah. Refuelled, and it would seem not to be outdone by Bob; Jim’bob (our other mechanic) joined us for the next 70km,

A fast busy single carriageway, that hugged the coast almost pan flat, it was single file so strong man Marcus who relishes these roads set an impressive steady metronome like tempo which continued for the next 80km, it would be too easy but for the breeze which came from the left shoulder and the sea, so shelter for the group of 5 + our guest rider was challenging.

The organisers; to break it up threw in a twisting section off the main road with a 2km cat 4 climb and a sinuous descent, perfect for an ambush when the pros ride tomorrow.

Right at the toe and shin of Italy Food wise, Calabria is said to grow the best Liquorice in the world and the cuisine is a typical southern Italian Mediterranean with a balance between meat-based dishes (pork, lamb, goat), vegetables (especially aubergine, and fish.

Pasta is also very important in Calabria. In contrast to most other Italian regions, Calabrian’s have traditionally placed an emphasis on the preservation of their food and packing vegetables and meats in olive oil Also making sausages and cold cuts Sopressata, Nduja sausage and Capocollo along the coast curing fish – especially swordfish, sardines and cod.

We’ve just arrived at amazing AgriTourismo, lady making fresh macaroni Lungo for us as we walk in, hot shower, and some amazing local cuisine, and of course some liquorice liquor; that’ll help the legs…. 


So plenty of scope for my Charity Recipe book ‘Back in the Saddle’ and for my new foodie friend Bob and I to talk about tomorrow.

A 224km stage tomorrow another big day out…

~ by theboxterboy on May 10, 2017.

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