The Instep & Beyond

Stage 7; 224km

Awoke to a splendid breakfast with homemade yogurt, local honey and the usual bucketful of coffee to kickstart the system after 6.5hrs of sleep at best.

There was drizzle outside and I thought this was going to be our first day of wet riding so far but the forecast said otherwise, yet the sun never peered out and I rode in long sleeves for most of the day feeling the cold.

This was on paper a long stage. For us it was cut short because the official route took us to a busy dual carriageway where bikes were 🚫 that is unless you are riding tomorrow and under the protection of closed roads. We tried in vain to look for another solution but roads down in the Deep South of Italy right in the instep of the boot are few and far between, so the only option was to down tools and get off, bikes in the van, follow the route and then start again. This action robbed us of circa 60km, however had we tried to navigate around it could have added on 100km+.

Even if we were allowed to ride on this fast road it looked flat and boring.

70km from the finish a steady 4th cat climb into a fierce crosswind was of note, that gusting wind was to be a constant menace for the rest of the afternoon and as the route twisted and turned it would plague our progress.

It was a fairly featureless stage but these are all part of the wearing down process, we are in the van on the way to Bari where our hotel is for the night.

I’ve had a quick look at the stats for the opening week of the Giro and compared them against the 2015 Tour.  Iff it was a game of top trumps then this would be the ace in the pack for sure. I’ve said it once or twice before, but it’s a challenging year to be riding the Giro on its centennial edition.

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~ by theboxterboy on May 11, 2017.

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