I’ve been here before…

Stage 8 – 189km

A great stage, 80km was run off at a good pace, so flat that I’ve cooked in frying pans with more bumps. Marcus relishes these stretches and pulled us along with gusto.

Past salt flats and an impressive ‘Table salt mountain’

90km covered, a left hand turn signalled the start of the grippy bits, a 2nd category climb from where we were at sea level to a jumbo inspired altitude of 747m. The mercury hit 30°c and at the top of the 10km climb where we regrouped, I could wring my undervest out.

​​A sweeping descent into a headwind that robbed us of speed.

Only in Italy could a climb of over 7km and an average gradient of 4.5% could be given the lowly entry 4th cat status, it begged belief!

We dropped from the top with a fast run in to Vieste. 

In a strange twist we took a family holiday in this beautiful area back in 2012. I remembered the shop where we brought Keira & Elsie an ice cream, it made me miss my family even more!

Vieste (2017)

Vieste (2012)

We even rode past the place we stayed 5 years ago. I thought it would be a beautiful albeit challenging area to ride a bike, I can now confirm with some authority it is both.

We had half of the pizza menu in Peschici between us and now the time is 10pm and we still have over an hour to travel to our hotel, a late night. Tomorrow is another tough stage with a steep summit finish at the Germanic sounding Blockhaus.

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