Stage 10 – Ummmm-bria

It was a rest day yesterday so that involved a rest for you guys as well from reading my hastily fashioned ramblings.

Washing, organising and some much needed ‘Giro TV time’ over an excellent lunch & a Maglia rosa Giro-esque pink labelled beer (for medicinal pourposes only) again put on by that top man Doug. 

It may sound strange but although being so close to the race, we actually never get to see it.  However, yesterday afforded us the chance to watch the pros give us a climbing masterclass on Blockhaus. Quintana was on form and the bookies favourite to explode away on the steep relentless slopes, Italian favourite Nibali lost a minute.

Team Bahrain and quickstep were staying out our holiday Inn last night and I got talking to Bob Jungel’s mechanic, Dirk, who was setting up his TT bike – for all you spoke sniffers out there – 58/44 on the front and an 11:25 cassette.

Nibali arrived in the team car and I got a handshake & a few minutes chatting to him, his English is only slightly better than my Italian, and it centred around how tough this years route & the climb was.

Apparently there are 3 ways up and what we climbed was not just the most difficult ascent but also the first time it’s been used in a race!

This morning the alarm was set for 6am. Although considerably later than my normal Monday morning, it seemed a struggle, maybe that pink labelled recovery beverage wasn’t such a good idea!

For the pro race the time trial is a stressful stage where time can be won and lost, given the moniker ‘the race of truth’ it is just you on your bike against the clock.

Set off every 2 minutes in reverse order with the leader in the converted Maglia Rosa (pink jersey) last.

This course was varied, featuring a long, flat and straight section followed by fairly complex climbs and descents. There were some nasty surfaces that could cause a time loss with a puncture or worse a crash.

After the start in Foligno, the route quickly left the old town on narrow roads for over 12 kilometres. The route then climbed at an average 4-5% gradient past Madonna delle Grazie, through the beautiful olive trees and the famous Sagrantino vineyards.
A fast-running and technical descent twists and turns all the way to San Marco where the road flattens and straightens out.

The route takes a U-turn in Bastardo then a false-flat uphill drag leads to Montefalco. The slopes were never overly steep, yet the climb was unrelenting. The road wound through beautiful hills all the way to the walled city of Montefalco.

In just 40km we climbed over 500m of elevation and rode this steady as an active recovery ride. My legs were on empty and as I type in the back of the van during another 2hr + long transfer to Florence, I’m hoping they come good for tomorrow as it’s going to be a real tough day in those Tuscan hills.

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