A Florentine renaissance masterpiece 

Stage 11 161km

After a rest day on Sunday and then a short stage for us yesterday it was very much back to business today. 68km of climbing, just over 4000m of elevation, some amazing Tuscan scenery, Chianti vineyards and a real sense of place in Italian cycling heritage.

The 100th edition Giro d’Italia pays tribute to the legend Gino Bartali, choosing Florence as the starting point for stage 11 & the ‘Cycling Museum Gino Bartali’ in Ponte a Ema as starting point. The Apennines stage would have certainly suited Gino Bartali in his racing days.

This queen stage across the Apennines takes in 4 consecutive categorised climbs with not even a single flat stretch in between:

Passo della Consuma

 Passo della Calla

Passo del Carnaio

Monte Fumaiolo

After clearing Passo del Carnaio, the route took a first pass of the finish line in Bagno di Romagna then a long loop that took us over the Monte Fumaiolo that finished with steep 10% sections of several kilometres.

A long drop led all the way to the finish where Bob and I would once again have some fun.

The pain in the chest and legs generally disappears for the team when we get off the bike (our pain is temporary and it is focusing on why we are doing this that keeps the team  knowing that every pedal rev we are helping to find a cure).

I miss my 3 girls naturally, but our youngest Elsie is missing me (her Daddy) in particular and I speak every night on FaceTime. I wish that I could give her a big hug, and when the going gets tough I think about not just the cause but what my family is sacrificing, Elsie, Keira & Tracie – a big special Ice cream on me in Milan, I’m counting down the days…. xx

An evening massage from Sarah or PJ, some dinner, rest and then we get back on our clean bike thanks to mechanics Bob & Jim-bob. It’s the longest stage of the whole Giro tomorrow 240km, so one thing is for sure we’re guarenteed another long day on the bike.

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Thanks from all at Cureleukeamia



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