Stage 15 – 199km;  Valdengo  – Bergamo

It’s a rest day, so I guess I should be brief and give you all a rest as well as this tiny keyboard.
So, just a few thoughts on yesterday’s beautiful 2nd half of the stage that transitioned from Piedmont to Lombardy.

124 miles, for those of you who still talk old money, was certainly long enough that the wearing down process had well and truly kicked in before we took on the climb of San Salvatore with 30 miles to go.

 This climb features not just on this Giro route but a climb on the Il Lombardia, the last of the classic monuments held in October. It’s called the race of the falling leaves and a few miles into the climb it felt like autumn with grey skies and wet roads. It was a beautiful climb, however the descent was particularly challenging and technical especially in the wet.

The shorter 5km climb to Selvino (not to be confused with the giant Stelvio that is awaiting us tomorrow & to be tackled twice) was easier and afforded some stunning views of the descent we had just navigated and the village below.

We were naturally riding through a day before and there was already a festival atmosphere, actually this was omnipresent the further north of Italy we travelled; the excitement of the centenary Giro arriving was felt.

A rapid descent on dry roads then the finale up the steep slopes into the walled old town.

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~ by theboxterboy on May 21, 2017.

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