Another Queen stage !

Stage 18;
139km Moena – Ortisei Ulrich

This centenary Giro has had more Queens than king Henry the 8th

The *Queen stage* across the Dolomites takes in 5 consecutive categorised climbs, with not even a single flat stretch in between.

Passo Pordoi, 

Passo Valparola,

Passo Gardena,

Passo Pinei

and the final climb of Pontives

The stage featured a remarkable rise and drop of a little less than 4,000m in just 137 km with average gradients of approx. 7% and topping out at 15%.

Queen stage- the stage of a multi-day road race which is deemed the hardest, most demanding and most prestigious stage of the race. 

It was a stunning route with the Pordoi offering awe inspiring views, to be honest it was arguably the most dramatic single days riding from a landscape perspective I think I have ever completed.

My legs felt surprisingly good and strong on the climbs, being looked after by Sarah & PJ with evening massages and the nutritional advice that I have had from Ted Munson and the team at SiS especially with protein management on and off the bike has really helped.

My breathing was hampered slightly through the start of a cold, however a couple of man up tablets and the splendour of the route pushed me on.

Many have asked me in the past what you think about when you climb for over 40km collectively with the majority of it solo, well I focus on the km ahead, ensure I keep fluids maintained but also if you are climbing for long durations you need to take on carbs.

But when it gets really tough, I count to 20 repeatedly in my head, seems to work, or has done to this point.

3191km done, 410km to go –

(2 mountain stages, and a 30km TT into Milan)

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Thanks from all at Cureleukeamia



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