Stage 17; another long one! 

Stage 17; 219km Tirano – Canazei

With just 6hrs sleep and sore legs from yesterday’s monster, it was going to be another long day on the saddle.

Just 3km on the clock and we had to climb the 12km – Cat 2 mountain to the town of Aprica. 30km later we had another climb to deal with, 60km covered and we had climbed over 2000m,.

I caught up with Jon & Cindy who are riding with a Dutch team, we recognised each other as they also rode the 2015 tour, so seemed kind of appropriate to have a photo. 

We dropped down to the valley floor then had a beautiful albeit challenging 5km 3rd cat climb with steep pitches through the Grappa vineyards. 
If you don’t mind I’m gonna leave it there for today, it’s 11.30pm and we have another big day tomorrow, with a 5 climb monster waiting for us. 

We all know pictures speak louder than words, so here’s some of Digi Dave’s from today. 

And these were from yesterday’s Stelvio stage –

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Thanks from all at Cureleukeamia

~ by theboxterboy on May 24, 2017.

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