Grappling with the Grappa

Stage 20; 190km; Pordenone – Asiago
If you thought today’s blog thread was about that fire water beverage Grappa that weighs in at up to 60% proof, then sorry, it’s still about the bike!

After 30km of busy roads through built up towns we turned on to The Strada del Prosecco, the 4th cat climb was a lung busting sprint (ok struggle up 19% slopes).

​The route unwound through a vast natural theatre in Veneto almost entirely decorated by vineyards, abbeys, churches and castles. The views were as stunning as the bubbles in a good chilled glass of this local fizz.

Some 95km in and we hit the foot slopes of the Monte Grappa a 24km climb which on paper at least was an average of 5.5% however what it was in truth was steep sections of 16 / 17% and lots of false flat and even two sections of descent. This was what reduced the average as it was a bitch of a climb, and a long one too.

We just have the time trial stage from Monza to Milan standing in our way.

I’m typing this in the back of a cramped van on our 258km transfer.

I’ve just had a text from Tracie, she and the girls have just landed in Bergamo, can’t wait to see them tomorrow it’s been 24 long days since our last hug…!

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Thanks from all at Cureleukeamia

~ by theboxterboy on May 27, 2017.

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