‘Karma was exchanged’

Stage 21; 29.3km Milan

It was the last day and The Stage that the team only dared dream of since that tough start in Sardinia.

A journey which began back on Starwars day (May the fourth) and the force was with us all.

I’m typing the day after the pros have finished their own race in front of the imposing Doumo in Milano. 

As a family we are taking four days much needed holiday and we are on the train to Dervio a lesser known part of lake Como.

We have covered over 3601km and on some of the toughest roads Italy has to offer.

Epic Mountains and passes totalling over 162,000ft of ascent or 5.75 x up Everest if that’s easier to compute.

One puncture, me on the foothills of the fearsome Blochaus, one worn out rear tyre some of James’ speedway style descending, numerous incidents on the road, but way too many to put in 500 words.

Bickering over lunch stops, speed on the road, climbs, descents, flat bits, draggy bits, rough cobbled bits, through tunnels. However one fact was undeniably unanimous the 5 riders and 7 crew, we did alright, well more than alright, this was the centennial Giro after all.

We are just ordinary blokes, not Pros, our mission wasn’t Strava segments or top speeds it was riding to raise money to find a cure for blood cancer.

No matter what Mother Nature with the extremes of heat, snow & hail or the course planners had in store for us each morning, it pales into insignificance to what our skipper Geoff has been through, or what so many such as young Harrison our mascot back in Birmingham is living through currently.

Oh and back to the Pros, they found it challenging enough, trust me! 

Some great ‘Karma was exchanged’ back in Sardinia, I wished Tom Dumoulin the best of luck, and he to us… we survived the corsa Rosa, and he stood on the top spot.

This isn’t the finish this is merely the end of the first of three chapters, the French and Spanish ones still await.

I am currently crafting a for profit charity cookbook with Anthony from Face publications, food photos by Adrian Franklin and images from the tours by Digi Dave. Lots of work to do on that project and recipes and ideas inspired by the last few weeks are bubbling away.

I joked early on the tour that they threw the kitchen sink at this one… finally I’ve had the energy to look it up ‘Lavandino della cucina’ indeed.

If you would like to support us by donating then here’s my page-


Thanks from all at Cureleukeamia



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