Hop, Skip n’ Jump

So it begins, time to play dress up again for another 3 week tour. It’s also another 21 plus days on the road away from loved ones.

Yesterday was really tough to say goodbye again to Tracie, Keira & Elsie.

Doug Summed it up, when we get to stage 10, we’re not only just half way through the tour we are actually got the same distance again to go, he was meaning the Vuelta!

For those of us that had ridden in 2015 it felt very similar, a TT around a busy city. Back then it was Utrecht, this time Düsseldorf a city in western Germany known for its fashion industry and art scene set on the banks of the mighty Rhine river.

We are joined by some new faces Andy Parker is riding the tour with us, plus my mate from 2015 & fellow chef Simon Gueller from the Box Tree is enroute.

Also from 2015 we have top physio Damian, and the last change Doctor Dale is replaced by Doc Steve.

It was great to be joined by Jonathan Edwards on course, not only a really fit keen cyclist but he is the anchor for Eurosport. They followed us through the stage which I’ve got to admit wasn’t the easiest bit of filming they’ve had to do with all the red lights and Tour traffic. Jonathan is still the WR holder at triple jump and that aside is a great guy to chat to.

The piece is scheduled to be shown on Sunday so please do keep an eye out. There was also a good piece of PR in the nationals yesterday, Skip was interviewed by Neil Ashton just before we set off.

The opening is done, a short 14 kilometres spin almost 10 of which were set on the banks of the Rhine river or the bridges above it, the bends could be counted on the fingers of both hands!

It will be a fast day for the specialists when their time comes tomorrow.

Digi got a great shot of Peter Sagan doing a recon of the course

Its also strangely enough actually the only time we get to see the official finish line set up, as we will be a headline, well that is unless the pros catch us up.

Tomorrow will be a bigger day, 202km or 124 miles, as we get down to business.

📷- Dave Hayward

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Thanks from all at Cureleukeamia

~ by theboxterboy on June 30, 2017.

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