Wetter than an Otters Pocket 

Stage 2, 202km from Düsseldorf to Liege, a flat stage.

Compared with the opening stages of the Giro today was certainly easier than day two.

Unfortunately we did have to cut the stage short by 50km as the route started and ran a circuit around the city before heading out to Belgium. The reason being that ‘The Big Boys’ were in town, alongside the whole media circus that had been in situ for the last few days and thousands of spectators braving the weather. It would have been not just foolhardy but near on impossible to navigate around and through the city.

The weather played its part for us too, with rain forecast all day, it certainly didn’t  disappoint. It was a wet stage and at a point we got so drenched that jumping in the Rhine wouldn’t have made any difference.

With the flat parcour, the shortened route and fresh, albeit soaking wet legs we finished in good time.

The filthy washing has been done, I’ve Showered, had a massage by Damian and we are watching the prologue on the box.

Tomorrow promises to be a grippy long stage through Belgium.

📷 Photos by Dave Hayward

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~ by theboxterboy on July 1, 2017.

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