Real Men Do eat Quiche !

Stage 4; 207km – Mondorf les Bains to Vittel 

Starting under overcast sky’s, we rolled out of Luxembourg, through the Moselle and back into France, the wind was a factor- generally a cross head wind for the majority of the stage.

We were joined by Paul aka- Morts, so a perfect chance for a strong man to show their form, having just returned from the track masters national champs. With Marcus, they both did a large portion of the pre lunch pace setting and the group benefited making good progress. 

The sky even allowed us a quick view of the sun, and again for the first time this Tour I even managed to expose my legs and arms. We rode through the Lorraine & its best known dish came to mind, this classic French pastry has had a lot of bad press, it’s certainly been undersold by mass produced supermarket versions that bear little or no resemblance to the delicately wobbling, fully flavoured delights you can create at home or better still buy from an artisan producer.

We’re talking Quiche Lorraine, a rich baked custard, encased in short savoury pastry the undisputed daddy of its genre.

What was it they said about men who eat quiche? that’s it- ‘Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche’ the title of a tongue-in-cheek book on stereotypes about masculinity published by American author Bruce Feinstein in 1982

Well you can call me whatever you like but right here and now I love a good quiche, always did, my mothers would regularly be a tea time treat.

Riding through the Quiche epicentre of France the Lorraine region, when you taste the real thing freshly baked from a boulangerie. I don’t care how outwardly masculine you think you are, sometimes you’ve got to have a little of what you fancy & a quiche delivers taste and pleasure in spades.

I am writing a charity cook book titled ‘Back in the saddle’ inspired by the 3 tours and Quiche Lorraine is definitely going to be in there.

We finished in the Vosge spa town of Vittel ahead of schedule and for the first time this tour didn’t look like a drowned rat, so all was good.

We have our first summit finish tomorrow, so back to business through the vosge moutains.

Photos by Dave Hayward

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