Some expensive Grapes 🍇 

Stage 7; 212km Troyes- Nuits – St Georges

The morning started off with a chance catch up with the Legendary cycling commentator & my friend Phil Liggett, his voice had been the soundtrack to my childhood, I only saw him a couple of weeks before the Giro and he has wrote a beautiful piece for the book.

These transitional stages for the pros are almost active recovery but for us we don’t get the comfort of a rolling in a peloton of circa 175 riders so every bump in the road or gradient we feel. The road surface at points was at best could be described as grippy but it was the heat of the midday sun well over mid 30s; almost as if someone had turned on the hairdryer.

James unfortunately fell off however it was well taken with a dive into the verge with tuck & roll, no injury and I gave him a 4.6 for technical merit.

My legs felt ok and pretty strong all things considered, I hydrated well with SIS electrolytes and as a rule love the hotter days, but my feet were in agony as they swelled in tight racing shoes, and I could only push down with 75% power, even now as I type in the bath my big toes are just coming back to life.

The last 25 km dragged on for ever it was almost as if they were counting up rather than down we rode past beautiful vines of wonderful wines some of the most famous Burgundies The wines of Côte de Nuits are considered as being among the best on the planet, alas for us it’s a recovery shake and some hotel buffet, we are staying I south Dijon, so hopefully there’ll be some quality mustard.

Tomorrow it gets serious with a stage that goes into the Jura mountains, a dusty bin style parcour with a 3,2,1 category climbs on the menu.

📷- Digi Dave Hayward 

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~ by theboxterboy on July 6, 2017.

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