Stage 8 189km; Dole – Station Des Rousses

The Jura mountains are a beautiful place to go ride a bike but with 1200km in our legs since Duseldof and before we even threw a leg over the frame this morning, it was always going to be a tough day.

With 3 categorised climbs on the parcour, on paper at least it didn’t seem too bad but with rough roads temperatures in the high 30s and fatigue beginning to set in, it was a big day out again.

​Doug had been suffering with a bout of stomach flu over night and at 40km was sick, he took 20km out in the van, some flat Coke and a chance to draw breath.

I’ve ridden with this guy for two years and I can tell you this wasn’t going to stop him, he is one tough Scot, who completed the Centenary Giro! The inconvenience of it all only focused his resolve and he pushed on to finish the stage strongly.

​​The final 4km of the 1st cat climbs surface was broken up and made it challenging to find a good rhythm. James has been climbing really well and we crested the summit together, then pushed on with 3 Flemish fit looking guys to the finish.

3200m or 2 miles of vertical elevation, it was the steep bits in between the climbs that made the stage tough.

This is an appetiser for what promises to be a huge 2nd mountain day in the Jura tomorrow. 4600m of elevation 7 climbs, 3 of which are HC (beyond category) it’s going to be a monster.

It’s 8.30pm in the van still an hour to the hotel, so a late night with minimum rest isn’t going to help.

But we’ve still got it easy in comparison to those affected by Leukaemia and the reason that we are riding.

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Thanks from all at Cureleukeamia

~ by theboxterboy on July 7, 2017.

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