Stage 18; 177km,  Briancon – Izoard 

When I explained to some people that I was going to ride the Tour, ahh the Etape is often there response, I’d love to do that.

This is an annual event that is extremely popular, 15,000 or so cyclists take on a stage of the Tour, it is on closed roads and more often than not won by a pro or Ex pro.

Well today was the ‘Etape stage’ which took place over these very roads on Sunday.

With sore legs from yesterday’s monster we had a rolling 1st half of the stage with a 1st category climb the col du Vars, followed by the 2360m monster Izord, it starts of gently luring you into a false sense of security, then 7km from the top goes steep, my necklace swung like a pendulum as I set my tempo, inscribed ‘with love from your Girls’  I visualised them being at the top to focus away from the pain to my chest and legs, miss them and can’t wait to see them on Saturday it’s been too long, again!

As you exit the tree line, there is a slight drop in altitude and it’s more lunar landscape than alpine. These are forbidding and barren scree slopes with protruding pinnacles of weathered rock on the upper south side. Known as the Casse Déserte. This is the last mountain top finish of this years tour, so when the big boys come up tomorrow we should see attacks. 

We have our last big stage a rolling 235km awaits us in the morning, complete that and then We can start to dream of finishing in Paris. 

If you would like to donate then here’s my page- 

📷 – Dave Hayward 

Thanks from all at Cureleukeamia


~ by theboxterboy on July 19, 2017.

One Response to “Iz’hard”

  1. Good lads! I am in awe of these efforts you boys keep making and I know you are driven by the pain other people are suffering from with this awful condition. I wish you all the mental strength you need to get the job done again, I will of course donate some cash

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