The longest day

Stage 19

Aside from being the longest stage in the race and the day after two epic Alpine days, we had torrential rain and temperatures of 11°c to contend with.

Once over the 2nd of the three 3rd category climbs there were blue skies on the horizon. 15 minutes later and layers were being removed, sun cream applied and 35 celcius. We were riding into a hairdryer to the tune of crickets, the scent of lavender and the mighty giant of Provence, the Mont Ventoux was in the distance.

 This wasn’t on the route but the sadist in me wished it was as I have never climbed this lengendary mountain.

Today was a first in 27 years of cycling, I spent literally the whole ride (135 miles) on the front with Simon setting the tempo.

This is the last of the big stages, we are staying at the Marseille airport hotel, a short time trial then a plane to Paris.

We are almost there…

📷- Dave Hayward

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Thanks from all at Cureleukeamia


~ by theboxterboy on July 20, 2017.

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